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Default Took my BMW Wagon on a local winter rally!

Decided to give the new car a bit of a workout. Heck it needs shocks in the spring anyway and so what if I had the potential to stuff it into a snowbank, OH DARN I have to buy an MTech2 front bumper So since my girlfriend (who usually navigates for her friend's "Limited Class" Subaru and does quite well) was in need of a ride since that car is down due to engine failure, I figured "meh, why not..." - glad I decided to since it was a BLAST!

Anyway, weather was clear even if it was STUPID cold:

Click the image to open in full size.

And yeah, it got kinda dirty:

Click the image to open in full size.

We ended up in 2nd in class / 5th overall (28 points behind first in class / 60 behind overall) - not bad for not having done a TSD rally in over 7 years (and I was the navigator the other times I did it / hadn't ever driven one). The road conditions were "variable" - not BAD really but a few hairy spots, I actually kinda hoped it would start snowing like mad, figured I could get some real use of the Hakka Rs and besides, who doesn't love extreme slip angles, right? The car DESPERATELY needs a limited slip though... *sigh* thanks BMW for sucking at the non-M-car game
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