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Originally Posted by GlenL View Post
Got it working. There was a wire added to the fuse panel. Actually one cut and one added. Took some time to figure it all out. I'm not sure what got this whole mess going. Helped to have my other Euro S 928 back from storage to compare against.

So it starts and runs now. An added bonus is that the interior lights work. Previously there was a short and the fuse blew immediately when the batter was connected. Voltmeter is high and steady.

One thing I don't know is how the fuel pump is handled during cranking. i believe it runs while the starter is running. After that the engine needs to be sparking for the relay to close. The wiring diagram doesn't show how it's done. Might be an extra wire that isn't in the schematic.
It might have been an aftermarket alarm and the wire was there so it wouldn't turn over if the alarm was tripped. Somebody might not have known and added the relay back or removed the alarm and f'd up the wiring.
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