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Well... Long time no update.

I've been diverted onto other interests and other car projects. Just got back to The Zombie here to change the timing belt. Since it probably hadn't been done this century, I figured it was about time.

Actually didn't look too bad. The belt wasn't dry and it ran straight across the sprockets. The rollers are good, too. I'll just put on a spare belt (used but fresh) and drive with a bit more confidence.

Interesting to open it up. I wanted to see what was in there and what the previous owners had done to it. The belt covers were broken a bit and I could get the center section cover off without removing the dipstick. I've thought of doing that on my other car.

An interesting find was that someone put on a later roller assembly around the bottom of the crank sprocket. Early cars just have a plastic guide. I've wanted to do that as it seems better. The car has the original tensioner and I'd like to upgrade to a later version with the oil fill holes that fill the space between the tensioner and block.

Something I didn't expect was that the oil came rushing out of the top of the pan when I pulled out the oil fill pipe. That pipe runs into the top of the "toe" of the pan. Is that normal? Maybe I've just never pulled that without the oil drained. Doesn't seem right. It tended to drip a bit when parked and I'm thinking that was it. I wonder if the dip stick is off a bit. Opinions?

I'm going to get it back together and work on electrics as a background task. I've got other fleet needs to attend to. Just didn't want it to snap during a drive. This thing is wicked quick!
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