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Working through electrical issues now. 928 electrics are a tough row with the combination of '70 technology and the desire to have a luxury car with lots of features.

I pulled out the alarm system fairly well. They had spliced in to the starter wire at the key switch. That was easy. There is some other wiring at the CE panel that I'm having a hard time figuring out. I've got an official '80 Euro S wiring diagram but working back from what's there to what should be there is confusing. I'm working it by tring to make each un-functioning system work.

Another complication is PO mistakes. I had no turn signals on the car and had resorted to removing the relay and jumpering power to the circuit. Then I could make them flash by toggling the stalk. Looks like two problems there. Firstly, someone swapped the flasher switch in the pod with a fog light switch. Plugs are the same, just lots fewer connection on the fog light so no power to the relay. Swapped that back to find the relay itself is dead. Luckily that is a VW part so $11 delivered and I'll have turn signals.

Got some interior lights working, too. The fuse was so corroded that giving it a few spins wouldn't break through it. Nice when a new fuse solves a problem. I think that'll be needed. I should probably just replace them all.

I pulled the pod to get at the alarm and fix that wiring. Discovered that the pod was not bolted down at all. Gotta find the just-right bolts for that. Also that one of the plastic tangs that are inside the edge connectors was broken off. Easy to do when horsing the pod around. That explains why some gauges didn't work at all. Some JB weld and it's fixed. Still haven't mounted the pod back to see what's working. Waiting to resolve some other electrical issues.

Still no sound from the stereo. Right side mirror and window don't work. Left side stuff does.

It's good times with the wiring diagram and multimeter.
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