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Completed some more resoration work on The Zombie this weekend.

Nice to have three mirrors! The interior rear-view mirror was missing and turned up beneath the seats. Cleaned up nicely and I glue it up. Why are those mirros so hard to get to mate fully with the buttons? Must be 1/2 the reasons the things come off.

The passenger side mirror that was "broken" turned out to be just unscrewed at the hinge. Take a 12mm triple square to tighten it up but the assembly has to come off first. The pins in the mirror connector came out fine with a new TE 305183 tool I got from Newark for $20 delivered. Worth the delay time and expense to have it. Now when the electrics are fixed I can see if the mirror adjustment motor works.

The big advancement was in the ability to close the doors. The interior handles/arm rests were almost completely unattached to the door. A pair of metal backing plates (928 Intl. $85) fixed those up fine. A little troublsome as one of the attachment bolts interferes with the door panel insert. That's the mini panel by the door latch. I had to notch te panel to get it fully down and seated. Can't see the work from the outside.

With the armrests off I took the door panels off and repaired those. I'm planning to get the car eventually but in the meantime I want it nice. The panels were beat up and dirty. I cleaned the carpet and leather and then reattached those. Contact cement is the right stuff for that along with some staples.

The fiberboard backing on one door was really broken up. I repaired that with fibreglass cloth and epoxy. This is a good time for 1-hour cure time epoxy, btw. Where the tears are I put down epoxy and then a layer of fibreglass cloth. That's available at any auto parts shop for bodywork. Then apply one or two more layers of the cloth along with more epoxy, doing both sides of the fibreboard. The repaired section is stronger than it was originally. I also reinforced the clip holes with epoxy.

Clips? I got a box of 25 for $14 from

The panels and arm rests went back pretty well. Needed a couple of trim screws to hold one side steady. Far better looking and functioning than how it was for not much money.

Next up: fix electrical problems due to the aftermarket alarm system and do front brakes and suspension work.
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