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Letter to the Editor

Posted 10-09-2008 at 01:03 AM by UDPride
I submitted this to the Op/Ed pages of the Dayton Daily News on Monday. Ill let you know if they publish it. Ive had 8-10 op/eds published over the years, ranging from dress codes to drugs to sports...

This November, Iâ??m urging voters to stay home and exercise their right to not vote. After all, thereâ??s nothing patriotic about the least informed, least educated, and least qualified members of our society (this includes just about everyone) casting votes under the false pretense that their opinion matters. Such arrogance speaks to the very problem of free elections in a sound-bite society â?? ignorance electing incompetence. Judging by the current state of our Presidential election, thereâ??s no shortage of either one.

The fact that weâ??re a month away from one of the most important elections in modern history and have thinned the herd to John McCain and Barak Obama is a testament on just how remote our nationâ??s chances are of regaining lost ground. McCain and Obama latched on to a pair of terms â?? Maverick and Change â?? and believe that alone is enough to secure the presidency. Catch phrases and generic promises are all it takes to impress the highly impressionable.

Neither candidate has demonstrated an elementary understanding of sound economic policy or has spoken out against the rampant prostitution of our money system and de-valuation of the dollar. Iâ??ve seen no outlines of a balanced budget of steep spending cuts and departmental closures to shrink government. But they did vote to spend another $700 billion in a country that is $9.65 trillion in debt. Added pork to protect wooden arrow manufacturers must have impressed them.

Also missing from their platforms are initiatives to tackle unaffordable health care without socialism, fighting illegal immigration head-on, protection of our Constitutional liberties, the celebration of free trade with limited barriers, an end to entangling alliances and political hypocrisy, respect of our military without conceding policemen status for the world, nor an embrace of the Founding Fathersâ?? role of a federal government so limited in powers and privileges that it runs nearly transparent.

The election banter among the faithful minions of the two major parties is equally painful to stomach. Itâ??s like watching bottom-dwellers from two divisions argue balls and strikes in a game of football. It would be easy to fault Washington alone for the train wreck, but much of it rests on the shoulders of the American people. These were the two simpletons everyone wanted. Voters like these are the same parasites who poll 10% approval ratings of members of Congress and re-elect 96% the following Tuesday. Garbage in, garbage out.

Many candidates from outside the two-party system ran campaigns answering many or all of these talking points. Some were invited to debates and mocked in poor taste, while others received no invitation at all. As we close in on the election and America runs to the polls to reaffirm the corruption and misguidance of the two-party system, my eyes and ears will remain closed to the charlatan windbags too afraid to put up or shut up. The real mavericks for change must first come from Main Street. Until more of you stand up to be counted, enjoy the ignominious ride as problem children instead of problem solvers.
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it is unfortunate for the electoral process that you decide to opt-out and not vote at all.

it is your right as a citizen to vote, whether or not there are candidates that appeal to you. Many lives have been lost defending this right. it is a right worth fighting for, and that right the should be exercised by all.

I, personally, have voted early--as I always do--but this go 'round has me voting every incumbent OUT, regardless of party affiliation.

If you are really passionate about the electoral process, get involved. Run for office. You could make a difference.

Posted 10-24-2008 at 10:52 PM by largecar379 largecar379 is offline
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